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Designers and architects, event managers, artisans, set builders and specialists in the crafts that realize your project.

From the idea to the concept, and all the way to completion. Trade fairs, events, conference rooms, prototypes – all in one stop.

Trade Fair


We are proud to be responsible for the absolute centerpiece of the event: Your Stand!
With us, your trade fair appearance will not disappear in the sea of exhibits – whatever the booth size may be. Aside from a fully developed design concept, we place importance on high quality craftsmanship and adhering to binding deadlines. That is why we ourselves produce and are happy to take over the entire logistics surrounding the trade fair, not only the set-up and take-down.
Conclusion: Your stand is set up on time in the highest quality. The lighting concept and media equipment are of course included. In addition our scenographers can construct premium surfaces such as cement or hardwood flooring as per request. We can also place further services such as excellent caterers, baristas, florists or DJs at your disposal to coordinate an all-round service for your stand concept.
Should a CO2-neutral production also be desired, we will be glad to realize that as well – just ask us. And also if the trade fair stand is to be used multiple times at different locations, we are your partner. We guarantee the transportation and timely set-up fit for the location.
After the fair, we would of course offer storage for your stand in our own storehouse.




Store & Interior Decorating


With novel store decoration, we transform your space according to your wishes and ideas into a consistently arranged area – tailored to your target group and product assortment. This way, rooms emerge with a highly individualized atmosphere, appealing to every client and visitor, and enticing them to pause and recognize their environment, enthralled.
From the store and showroom to office and meeting rooms, and even more multifaceted room concepts which mix various aspects and play with the possibilities – each room we create is unique.  We place importance on the particular in the context of functionality, and utilize extremely high-quality and durable materials. Everything is produced in-house and is adapted as needed to the circumstances on site. Even the coordination of further specialists can be arranged, such as alarm technology and air conditioning, plumbing, heating and ventilation. Only once everything functions without a glitch will the execution phase be considered completed.


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Your event is one of a kind and therefore always something special. Everything has to be ready from the beginning and flow without any mishaps to the very end. And even afterwards it is not finished properly until everything has been taken down without leaving a crumb.
In order to guarantee this frictionless execution, we coordinate your event comprehensively: planning, concept, implementation, take-down, recycling and waste disposal. For the entire operation, we are your reliable partner – from a workgroup incentive celebration to an event covering 80,000 m².
We take over all the furnishings from walkways to the entire decoration, from the culinary corners to unleased areas and special promotion areas. If needed, industrial climbers can manage dimming and shading of interior spaces at any height required. Of course we guarantee all-round technical accompaniment and will be on site 24/7 during your event. Just approach us before your next event!





The exhibit is the focal point here. Ideas surrounding the exhibition are translated into arranged space. The arranged setting can play a supporting role, using carefully selected lighting to have the cabinets or exhibit furniture fade into the background, without losing their value. Our crews work hand in hand and realize the spatial configuration, individually tailored for you, within the necessary time frame.
We build in museums and galleries, or realize open-air installations. Furthermore, we configure showrooms for pure product presentations, or also special presentation areas for non-commercial purposes. We handle all spatial adaptations needed for the given exhibition theme and concept, for instance walls up to quality class Q4, vitrines, podiums, floors, and ceiling elements.
We present every single exhibit as individually as your fantasy demands in the given exhibit context. Our specialized crews know no bounds and are always creating new ways and means to install your works. No desires shall remain unsatisfied – just talk to us.




Draft & Concept


You have a concrete idea and your goal is clearly staked out? Or you just want to place/transport your brand and you are not sure how? Or you may even be somewhere in the middle? No matter what point you are at – bring all your ideas along and get us involved, and we will help you on your way.

We will dive into your world, develop your ideas along your established trajectory, and remain focused on your objective the whole way. For us there is no random outcome – our drafts are well founded. Using your goals, ideas and indications as a basis, our designers, architects and technical drafters will develop harmonious concepts for you.

What makes us special is that we understand the language of your marketing and translate that into constructed spaces. You can depend on the excellent drafting and execution planning which our illustrators and planners realize for you.
And yes: When the concept is set to your absolute satisfaction, then you should have the product manufactured by us while you are at it. We are masters of the trade and we will accompany you from the idea to the detailed solution. That means: Everything we plan, we also produce with complete reliability – including transportation and storage solutions. Everything is dovetailed and each element follows from the preceding ones.




Project Partners of MINGA Network

Our project partners are absolute specialists in their trade and share our aspiration to quality. You profit from the direct chain of command and reliability, which we have developed over the course of our working relationship. With our exclusive partnerships, we adhere to our fundamental principle of offering one-stop service.



Furniture building, design, interior decoration, single-unit production – by master craftsmen


Printed textile membranes for lightboxes, displays and LED-backlit system walls of highest quality, the whole surface lit without shadows


Custom-made technical fabrics with textile printing for innovative and storm-secure umbrellas, sun protection systems, textile architecture for outside areas, including rain protection


Local recycling and charitable downcycling of residual materials – pilot project in city development




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About us

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MINGA Network is a society of specialists and guarantor for the success of your projects. All trades work hand in hand in our company of masters, and we give our very best for your project.

Your ideas and indications are taken up and developed further. Together we find ways and means to render your projects inimitable and set them apart from the masses. We realize your unique trade fair appearance, your extraordinary exhibition area, your successful event so that it fits for you, just as we have checked, planned, and discussed it together. We are your reliable partner from the idea to completion: We offer all-round service and are not satisfied until you are.

Come to us and take advantage of our offer: With your “Go!” we will realize your project – completely and fully within the agreed timeframe. Absolute faithfulness to deadlines is our aspiration and the foundation of our work style. We promise nothing we can’t perform. That includes our offer preparation and billing, because we consider mutual transparency of paramount importance, and we do not like surprise additional charges. Everything we offer of our professional competence will also be delivered at the appointed time and on the agreed conditions.

Convince yourselves: Just call us!



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