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A house with history

Project highlights

Project highlights
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs wanted to use an exhibition wall to bring the buildings at its disposal in the heart of Berlin and their historical significance closer to visitors and its own employees.
Minga Network was commissioned by the communications agency facts and fiction GmbH to realise this interactive permanent exhibition.
On an area of approx. 13 square metres, audio, video and graphic content helps visitors to discover the history of the various parts of the building and to orientate themselves locally.
When designing and realising this wall, attention was paid to making it as barrier-free as possible. The height and position of the graphic content, the accessibility of the operating buttons, audio commentaries in easy language and an information board in Braille are special features of this exhibition alongside the historical content.
The exhibition wall is now located on the ground floor of the main building of the BMAS and was officially opened on 28 May 2024 in the presence of State Secretary Ms Gebers.

BMAS department KS3 + facts and fiction GmbH

Scope of work
Technical consulting, realisation and installation

Implementation / conceptualisation / development period
October 2023 to May 2024

Opening / completion

J.Konrad Schmidt

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